• For Greater Control Of Your Website Employ A Content Management System

    Now the inherent nature of a successful business is adaptability and change. For your website to be an accurate reflection of your current business, it too needs to adapt and change in line with your business and its products. So every time you want to add or remove something from your product range or announce a change in business plans and strategy, you have to pay a web development company to reprogram the necessary changes onto your website. Every time!

    And here you thought that establishing a web presence was a one-time investment!

    But don’t lose heart. At HirePHP we can ensure that your website is indeed a onetime investment and not a cash guzzler. And how do we do that? Simply by adding one critical component to your site: A Content Management System or CMS.

    At HirePHP we provide you with an inbuilt CMS on your website so you don’t have to be a programming whiz to quickly make changes yourself. Joomla CMS is an excellent example of a WYSIWYG content development and management system. Joomla gives you full control over every aspect of your site and allows you to make changes conveniently and quickly, as and when required. It is almost as simple as making changes to a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

    For websites that heavily access large databases we employ Coldfusion web development. Coldfusion is application that is incredibly easy to learn and allows lay users of the website to access databases like MS Access and update or make changes to your website with speed and ease.

    If your site is large and regularly requires many changes, HirePHP also gives you the option of renting web designers and web developers who will not only develop your site but also make regular changes to it according to your instructions using sophisticated tools like WordPress and Drupal. In this way you can concentrate your time on your core business and leave its online image safely in the hands of your hired expert Drupal developer and WordPress developers.

    So what are you waiting for? Call us today! With the range of options HirePHP provides you for developing, and maintaining, small and large websites, using effective Content Management Systems, you simply can’t go wrong! Email us at enquiry@hirephp.com or call 708 539 9514.

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