Project Detail

Project Type: Online Shop Service

Category: Ecommerce


  • Home page a. Who is Future Leaders? i. Background – Content for Background of the Future Leaders will be shown here. ii. What we offer? – Content for what we offer will be displayed on this page. iii. Guiding principles and objectives – Content for Guiding principles and objectives will be displayed on this page iv. BEE status – Content and image for BEE certificate will be shown on this screen.
  • Search and selection home – It will have given options with content i. Top Candidates profile 1. Top Candidate Profiles – It will have different candidate profile candidate content a. Top Candidate category detail ii. Submit your CV – User can submit their CV from this page by providing their details and CV as attachment. 1. Logon details
  • 2. Join email list (Newsletter)
  • 3. Provide personal and professional details
  • 4. Upload CV as attachment iii. Available opportunities – 1. Opportunities category list 2. Result based on selected category detail page c. Candidates i. Register your CV – User can submit their CV from this page by providing their details and CV as attachment.
  • Login to Future Leaders profile – User can get login from this page by providing their login credentials.
  • Edit personal details along with CV and other personal data
  • Forgot password – from this page user can get the password from this page if he/she forgot in their registered email address.
  • Future leader current articles
  • Top candidates profiles
  • Send email notification – the site to able to send an applicant an email notifying them of a new job listing that matches their criteria – This criteria would be pulled from the registration process – i.e. if the candidate selects “Architecture” and “Design” as his fields he must get an auto notification when an ad is placed regarding Architecture or design. If an applicant is placed at a job there would be a manual process where the admin would say he has been placed. We want this data to be pulled through so we can see on which date the candidate has been placed and if he has been placed. The process would be – Ad placed – Find candidates with similar fields (as mentioned above) – has candidate been placed (Yes/No) If No send mail – If Yes, when has he been placed – If more than (example) 3 months ago then send ad.
  • Full social media interaction – Full social media interaction – All ads viewed must be able to be liked or shared vie email/facebook
  • Create your Bio – incorporate a “Create your Bio” section. In this section users would be given very similar fields as when anyone creates their bio on Linkedin – Once these fields have been completed it must generate a PDF. This PDF can be downloaded by the applicant and will be saved to the database for the admins to have access to. When a user/applicant updates his Bio the PDF must be replaced with the updated version. If the user doesn’t want to recreate his bio he still has the option of uploading a PDF/DOC as in the previous spec.

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