ePower Networking



Project Detail

Project Type: ePowerNetworking

Category: Industry Type


Website section

  • Home – Join Local Group – Create NetworkeGroups – eMembers -> eDirector – Regional Control -> eExecutive – Postcode / ZIP control -> eMentor – Limited state and Local control -> eLeader – Single local control -> eMC – eGroup Control (Controls an egroup weekly meetings) -> eMember – eGroup engagement (Controls eIntroduction, eInvites, eBusiness generated, eB2Bs, chat, social media -> eNeighbors – eGroup Member (Can control to a maximum of 4 other eGroups as an eNeighbor, restrictions apply -> eGuest – by invitation from eGroup (Connects to any eGroup for a period of one month)
  • eGroups -> eMeetings -> eTestimonials -> eInvite -> My ePower (User Profile) -> eVideo Meeting -> eNeighbor -> Contact us, about us, faqs, help etc pages

Admin Section

  • Configuration options -> Automatic expiration of user subscription after a configuration duration -> Edit admin password -> Configure payment matrix options
  • Role management -> Members Management ->Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate members -> Confirmation email on registration of a member-> Notification email to the member on expiry subscription package -> Invitation management
  • Group Management -> Meetings management -> Testimonial management, Static pages like about us, contact us, FAQs etc management -> Payment detail management -> Statistics management

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