The Project

SexyOno is a social networking/community app which allows you to stay in touch with latest social updates.

The Home Screen contains-

  • Profile
  • People Nearby
  • Messages
  • Favorites
  • Visitors
  • Friends
  • Blocked

All control buttons on the home screen are greyed out if you are not logged in. A message window pops up if you click on any control button prompting you to either sign up or sign in using Sexyono or facebook credentials.

If you click on ‘Create New Account’ to sign up, you will need to fill up the form with details such as Email, Name, Birthday, Gender etc. If you click on “Use Facebook Account” option, you will be required to use your facebook user id and password to login. The app will fetch your facebook profile data and all controls become accessible.

  • Edit Photos- User can add/edit their personal info, other photos and private photos.
  • Personal Info – User can view/ edit their personal details/ information from here. User can set their personal info like Location, About me, Relationship, Sexuality, Appearance, Living, Children, Smoking, Drinking, Education, Languages and Work affectively to attract other users.
  • Notifications – User can set their notification preferences for messages and Visitors as well by turning them ON/OFF
  • Privacy- Choose what you intend to share with others such as Location, background etc.
  • Account- Account shows the account user is logged in with. User can sign out using the sign out option.
  • About- Shows App details
  • Help- User can get help with frequently asked questions.
  • Feedback- User can use this option to send his feedback about the app. Any bugs/issues can also be shared using this option
  • Home Screen- User can see listing of all the users who fall in the search criteria.
  • People Details Screen- This option can be used to see the profile details of the searched user.
  • Chat- User can chat with the person who is online and whose profile is visible on the home screen
  • Favorite- User can add his/her favorite user to this list
  • Block- User can block an unwanted user using this option
  • Photos- Another user can see your photos except for the private ones for which s/he would need your permission.
  • Home Screen- User can view the message list filtered with optons All/Unread/Online etc along with the last message sent or received by that user.
  • Chat Screen- User can chat with another user by using this option and can also give access to his private photos and can also see details of the other user.
  • Home Screen- User can see the view the filtered friend list of added friends by All/Online/Search. Details can also be viewed by moving to the detail screen of the other user. The list of selected users can also be deleted by using this option.
  • Add Friend- Add friend option can be used to add a person as friend
  • From Address Book- User can send multiple friend requests to people from his/her address book
  • By Email- Multiple friend requests can be sent via emails to his address book.
  • Home Screen can also be used to see list of blocked people



  • Game


Project Lifecycle


Requirement Gathering


Planning & Time Management


Design & Coding


Overall Testing




Lifetime Support

Technology USED

  • Xcode
  • sql-lite
  • Photoshop
  • Sexyyono

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