Memory Match

The Project

Memory Match is an alluring educational game that facilitates brain exercise for all age groups from kids to adults. Tailor made and cleverly designed by experienced developers to fit the needs of kids this game is quite easy to learn and also helps grown ups to improve their concentration level.

Objective of the Game:

  • Pair up the Squares. The faster you do that the higher the score

How to play Memory Match?

Depending on the difficulty level and category that you choose, you will be shown Squares that flip for a few seconds allowing you to carefully observe the pairs and then they are turned face down. A random image is then displayed and accordingly you need to find and match the pairs. Touch a square and find its other pair showing the same image. If the pairs match, they will disappear and then you continue with the next pair or else both the squares will flip back over and you get another try to pair the squares. In this way find all the matching pairs in minimal time to create a high score.


  • Child-friendly interfacing with simple navigation
  • 4 Categories: Numbers, Animals, Alphabets and Cartoons
  • Easy, Medium and Hard Difficulty Levels
  • Multiple Player Game (upto 4 players)
  • Share your scores on facebook



  • Game


Project Lifecycle


Requirement Gathering


Planning & Time Management


Design & Coding


Overall Testing




Lifetime Support

Technology USED

  • Xcode
  • sql-lite
  • Memory Match

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