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iPad’s emergence is considered to have brought a global revolution that transmutated people would perceive technology and its purpose. Its popularity and sale continues to be on upsurge retaining its dominance, hence any business without an iPad app is sure to maroon itself from the commercial trajectory.

Inevitability of iPad Applications

  • 14 bn iPad apps have been downloaded since 2010
  • Average time spent on iPad by an iPad user- 5 or more hours per month
  • For an average iPad user in U.S Internet occupies 23% of the total device usage
  • 44% would only consider purchasing an iPad if they intend to purchase a tablet
  • Ipad apps in apple store in June 2013 was 375,000 as compared to 3000 back in year 2010- 125 times
iPad App Development

3,75,000 +iPad Apps in
apple sotre
14 bn iPad
since 2010
5 hrs
Average time
spent on iPad
by an iPad user

iPad Application Development

colossal number

of features
larger screen
level app

Expert iPad App developers at Hirephp can render native and web-based iPad applications capitalizing on a colossal number of features iPad offers such as accelerometer, larger screen & excellent multimedia capacity. We can develop enterprise level app for your business from the scratch or port your existing products to the iPad.

Your iPad Applications can

  • Foster your Brand Image and Value
  • Keep your audience hooked with mesmerizing audio/video features
  • Combine Fun with Business
  • Extend your reach within user community
iPad App Development Benifit

Foster your
Brand Image
and Value
Combine Fun
with Business
Extend your
reach within
user community
Audio/video features

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Our iPad App Development Process

iPad App Development Process

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