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Flash and Flex can beef up web applications with high quality interactivity and RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). By virtue of mind blowing graphics, videos, sounds and animations flash and flex can jazz up your website with unimaginable user interaction.

The prerequisite for bringing your vision to life is hiring a dedicated flash/flex developer who knows the craft well. Hirephp has a lineup of flash and flex buffs with profound knack of flash and flex development. They have successfully delivered web banners, commercial banners, interactive content and games with action script 2, action script 3 support and flash lite 1.1, 2 for mobile devices. They also have hands on experience in integrating other languages such as PHP like PHP, Java, ASP , XML with Flex applications based on Action Script 2.0 and Action Script 3.0. They have also integrated flash and flex with 3rd party APIs like Amazon, Google and Yahoo MAP APIs as well as with Java libraries

Hire Flash Flex Developer

Make your Online Assets
Interactive & Appealing

Wondering What’s Next?

Hire a Dedicated Flash/Flex Developer

Reasons to Hire a Dedicated
Flash/Flex Developer

Why you should Hire a Dedicated Flash and Flex Developers?

  • The advantage of conducive development environment with experienced resources, state of the art infrastructure and systems similar to ‘work in premise’ without having to bear recruitment, training or retention costs of an in house Flash and Flex developer.
  • Uninterrupted flash and flex development from start to finish
  • Optimum utilization of the skills of a developer as a dedicated flash and flex developer works undistracted
  • A dedicated flash and flex developer has ample of time to research and add exclusive functionalities to your project.

Why Choose Dedicated Flash / Flex Developer from Hirephp?

  • Tailor Made Flash and Flex Solutions
  • Production Hours/Month – 160 hrs 180 hrs.
  • Agile Development Process
  • Flawless Project Transitions & Full Control over the Project
  • Reporting you are kept posted about each stage of development process. Daily, Weekly or monthly reports are provided as per your preferences.
  • Source Code Authorization is owned by the client
  • Peerless Services @ Reasonable costs
  • 24X6 Prompt Technical Support
  • PROMPT COMMUNICATION: At Hirephp, all your concerns are addressed immediately. We facilitate prompt Communication via phone, email, skype, gtalk, messenger etc.
Dedicated Flash and Flex Developer

Combining Creativity
with Technology

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Our objective and well thought out hiring process bestows quality, efficacy and agility to the development process.

Hiring Process of dedicated Flash and Flex Developer

Initial Discussion with Business
Acquisition Team
Interview the
Get Access to PMS
24×6 Technical
Signing NDA
Discussion and
Ideas Gathering
180 hrs of App Development

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